ConceptDraw software for medical diagrams, healthcare plans

Visio is a great tool for general diagramming but when it comes to medical and healthcare-specific diagrams a better tool is ConceptDraw HealthCare Management Suite. The stuff it’s good for includes (this comes from their website):

  • Medical diagrams and charts
  • Medical illustrations and graphics
  • Teaching and education materials
  • Medical training diagrams and drawings
  • Anatomical drawings for medical notes
  • Visualizing complex medical issues
  • Flowcharts, orgcharts
  • Healthcare plans
  • Medical project plans
  • To-do lists for stuff
  • Process flow charts for presentations
  • Numerous reports, calendars and timelines
  • Cause-and-effect diagrams
  • Floor plan of your hospital

If you know of other software that does similar things in a better way, let me know.

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2 thoughts on “ConceptDraw software for medical diagrams, healthcare plans

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