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I read about an idea for a wireless home-monitoring network for recuperating hospital patients. Apparently if someone can come up with a basic prototype there’s money in VC circles available to pay for it.

Here’s the relevant snip from the article:

WHAT THEY WANT: A wireless home-monitoring network for recuperating hospital patients.

WHY IT’S SMART: No one likes extended hospital stays. Not patients, not hospitals, and not insurance companies paying bills that can exceed $5,000 a day. For the critically ill, there’s no way around lengthy visits. But thousands of other patients could be sent home early if they could be monitored at home or at a lower-cost facility. Badawi and Aslin envision a wireless transmitter that would attach to existing hardware such as portable ECG machines and heart-rate and blood-pressure monitors. The device would send data through a wireless router to a cluster of back-office servers. The servers would function like a call center, routing a patient’s vital signs to the right nursing station or on-call physician. Trimming just two days off the typical 10-day hospital stay for stroke victims would be a service worth $2.7 billion.

WHAT HE WANTS FROM YOU: Between you and a partner, you’ll need expertise in medical device technology and database management to get a working demo ready to pitch to HMOs or insurance companies. Half a million dollars in seed money should be sufficient to get that far. “It’s not the technology, it’s the complexity of navigating the health-care system that’s going to be difficult,” Badawi says. If you can sign up an HMO to test the system, 3i promises $7.5 million more to bring it to market.

Anybody think this idea has a great deal of value? I know many of my readers are CIOs and technologists within healthcare and healthplan providers. Specifically, if the service were available, would you purchase it? What would it be worth?

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