Cerner vs Epic from a customer’s point of view

HISTalk mentioned a recent Cerner vs. Epic discussion on their forum. It’s a wonderful example of what an end-user or customer view of a product comparison should look like. I like the idea of forums to ask questions publicly (I get emails asking questions often which I post answers to online sometimes). I’m thinking of adding forums at my new HITSphere health IT blogs aggregator and specialty search engine. Let me know what you think either via email or comments here.

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18 thoughts on “Cerner vs Epic from a customer’s point of view

  1. Looks like you need to get this thing going so I guess I will be the first.

    EPIC will do to Cerner what Java did to SmallTalk…)

  2. Why do you think that? I’m curious to know. I take it you have personally used both systems and worked with the whole integrated solution, but are you looking at it from an IT perspective,a clinical perspective, as well as financial. Give me some examples, where you think cerner needs help and where epic shines.

    1. I am work for in the UK for the NHS where we use Cerner. From an administration perspective it’s horrible firstly it’s incredibly slow often taking upwards of five seconds to process a key press. Also the GUI is a mess even doing the simplest task is incredibly convoluted. We’ve had a number of updates to add features each update has added another layer of crap we have to get through to accomplish any given task. My guess is that Cerner don’t have any real design process and are just adding features using a heroic coding method.

      1. Administrators and beaurocrats love Epic. Patient provifdes hate it with a passion. I guess we all see who makes the choices in health care.

  3. I have to agree with CodeGoose. At the hospital I work at we currently use both systems. Provided that nothing changes with Cerner, Cerner is going to be the next GM. Here at our hospital, Epic may not shine so much, but they do listen to customers, work towards customization, and help to layout a solid base of certified professionals who are able to tackle issues themselves. Cerner is unbending, rigid, and uses politics rather than know how. It’s obvious they don’t have our hospital’s best interests at heart. I know that our technical expertise in databases for example far exceeds there’s yet, we must implement Cerner’s mistakes because they are printed in the manual. Cerner may strive in the good-ol-boys department when it comes to talking with upper management, but it’s days are numbered.

  4. Cerner the next GM. Don’t bet your paycheck! When you speak of Rigid Epic is very rigid and unforgiving. Cerner is customizable. Depends on how the customer buys cerner. Cerner apps are ala carte and you have to know this when you go into the purchasing contract to be able to get what you need. Cerner by far is better than Epic will be for a long time. Just ask any of the hospitals that have implemented Epic or Cerner. Cerner is much easier to learn, have a much more friendly and easier on the eye gui. Epic is discombobulated and you waste time teaching yourself the apps and fixing epics recommendations! Unless you work with the products and not as a DBA or IT professional you have no idea…Usability is the name of the game and Cerner wins this hands down.

    1. What are you smoking? Cerner is a joke. Their application is difficult to install and implement.. Their technical Documentation and SUPPORT JOKE!!! In this Hospital I am in we have both EPIC and CERNER and we are converting all CERNER TO EPIC!!!!.. If I EPIC was not in the picture and I had a choice between Cerner and Meditech I would go with MEditech.. Cerner would be the last software I woud choose..

      1. Jojo, I’m interest in why their application is difficult to install and implement or sell? Can you give me a little bit more example of what you mean? 

      2. Take it from someone who has worked for Cerner and is now Epic Radiant certified.. Epic has a certification process.. Cerner does not. Period. Training is Key to a successful implementation….

      3. Cerner is not user friendly! Constantly not storing information, add all the meds by history into this beast and I mean beast and have half the information disappear, re-enter all that info and again disappear, what a piece of junk! I think Hospitals that use Cerner should be ashamed for spending so much money on something that does not function! Also so many inconveniences! You can tell this was not created by a nurse! So many extra clicks, and to have submit buttons in numerous locations, like hide and seek! It is a patched system, period! So fragmented nothing flows as a well operating system should. AdHoc, who came up with that name? not user friendly, not not not not not not not, and I have used many systems and Cerner is by far the worst ever. Oh did I mention our hospital had a 7 hours Cerner failure today, jeesh!

    2. Cerner is a joke. Trust me I was no big Epic fan but after being exposed to Cerner, it’s no contest. I now look at Epic with a completely different perspective. I don’t understand what you mean by Epic is too rigid? I have been on 3 go lives and never had an issue. Epic may be more structured but that’s a good thing in many ways because what I see with Cerner is it’s total chaos with zero support or training. Epic’s training is second to none and their user web site is amazing. We are doing a Cerner ambulatory go live now and have six Cerner people who I haven’t even see. When Epic does go lives you know they are there. I never thought I would be one standing up for Epic but quite frankly Cerner is embarrassing. BTW Have you ever seen anyone go for Epic to Cerner ?

  5. Cerner is an inconvenient system in the lab. Comments are not straight forward such as criticals-it will cause more patients' probkems than help them! Support is not there. They refuse in most cases to help cutomer customize.

  6. Have worked at different jobs with different LIS. EPIC by the far is the worst software Ive ever encountered. Not user friendly at all.

  7. From a physicians standpoint Cerner is far superior to Epic. The developers at Epic have tried to add too many bells and whistles. The inpatient:outpatient overlay is very cumberspome and time consuming. I am quite sure administrators and government types love Epic but those who have to take care of patients hate it.

    1. From a physicians standpoint? We use Cerner at our hospital, and just to put a power port order in it takes 74 clicks of the mouse, not including any information you want to type in. It is ridiculous.

      1. I’m not saying Cerner is great but for patient care in an outpatient setting it is far superior to Epic. Have you used Epic and tried to see 30 patients a day? It is frustrating. BTW, guess which EHR system was being used when the Ebola patient was missed in Dallas? That’s right….Epic. And I know exactly why…because Epic has a lot of parallel charting by the nurses that requires a lot of additional time for a busy physician to scour the electronic chart and glean from the nurses notes. Also, the trasition of a patient from outpatient to inpatient status is a nightmare on Epic.
        I used Cerner and was able to see 40+ patients a day in an Urgent care/ER setting. There is no way I can do that with Epic.

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