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There have been listservs and mailing lists that discuss health IT topics, especially those specific to a vendor like IDX, Cerner, Epic, or Siemans. In fact, user groups have been around forever that discuss their favorite topics (or rants) about their favorite vendors (or those they hate). However, searching those kinds of mailing lists is a bit tough and navigating their topics is also difficult.

Discussion boards and forums (fora?) have been cropping up for health IT and I just ran across another one today. William Oliver introduced me to his Healthcare IT Forum website and although it’s a bit sparse, it’s pretty nice. He also has an area where people can discuss specific health IT blog articles (see blogs section).

In case you’re not already familiar, Tim’s HIStalk Board has been around longer and has more topics and content but I welcome more sites that are dealing specifically with health IT discussions. If you guys know of others, please let me know and I’ll put them up on HITSphere.

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2 thoughts on “Healthcare IT Discussion Forums

  1. Thanks for the review Shahid. I want to let people know my intention for bringing up the Healthcare Information Technology Forum. I have worked as a project manager in the healthcare industry for about 9 years for multiple vendors. Over the years, it been extremely difficult getting information from other vendors needed to implement the system I am working with. It’s also been difficult for my clients to find information on best practices, applications, and interfaces from other users of the systems we are implementing. Users are often the best source information on applications. As Shahid mentioned, there are many sites out there, but I wanted one site where I could connect users from all vendors. I called it a social network for healthcare systems. The site is still very new. I’m only 3 months out of the gate and building all the time. I’ve added job feeds from every vendor and will add vendors as my user base builds. I also have plans for vendor specific wikis to document systems. My goal is to have 1000+ registered users before I begin that phase. Please visit take a look and let me know what you think.

    William Oliver
    aka soupcan

  2. Soup has a good site. I prefer the layout to the HISTalk discussion boards, if only because it’s easier to find vendor specific content. Keep it up!

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