Hospital CEOs and Boards on IT

The Deloitte Hospital CEOs Survey has been released. There are some very interesting results from an IT perspective:

  • 5% of Boards of Directors believe IT is a concern (whereas 66% believe financial viability is a big concern)
  • 22% of CEOs believe additional IT infrastructure is the second greatest need in healthcare industry after coverage for the uninsured (63% believe that)
  • 27% of CEOs believe the Internet will have a big impact on medicine in the next 2 years.

The complete PowerPoint summary is available, too. A few telling slides are included below (click the images to see more legible versions):

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2 thoughts on “Hospital CEOs and Boards on IT

  1. I’m downloading the slides — thank you! I’ve been talking to my administrator friends and many don’t yet realize the impact that HIT will have on hospitals. However, there are a few bright spots — ACHE has several IT related seminars/workshops at their Congress on Health Leadership, March 2006, and the topic has been appearing in Healthcare Executive (magazine). The tide may start to turn!

  2. Christina, glad to see you’re finding this information useful. If you know of some useful events or pointers to stuff on the web, I’d love to see it. Feel free to email me or comment here.

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