Could ADT’s Remote Monitoring Products become A Platform?

Tim at Medical Connectivity Consulting reports about ADT’s forthcoming Remote Monitoring Products. As I was reading it, I kept thinking that if it was not just a service that they provided but a platform for delivery of new HIT applications connected to patients at home, what types of applications would be most useful?

I mean, if we had the ability to constantly monitor patients at home, what new and innovative kinds of new HIT applications could we develop? ADT is already planning to do vitals, medications, and health behaviors (“in a few years”) but beyond the simple stuff I can imagine a platform where continuous data could be stored, analyzed, and retrieved could even make ADT a player in personal health records? Am I wrong?

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5 thoughts on “Could ADT’s Remote Monitoring Products become A Platform?

  1. Shahid, you’re right – there’s a great opportunity here. Unfortunately, the track record for non-health care companies entering the health care market is abysmal. ADT does have a unique infrastructure and penetration into homes (especially the affluent demographic with home alarm systems) that could be leveraged for health care applications. They have the potential to be a huge player.

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  3. Does medicare fund/reimburse ADT remote health care coverage.

    I have an 80 year old father and a mother in her 70s.

    They live alone, together and have already had a self imposed flood from upstairs and a near “self imposed” near fire, (SMOKE damage), where there’s smoke there’s fire.

    If I can have ADT installed to be reimbursed by medicare, I am on SS disability myself but if affordable until reimbursement you offered me $100 off plus two months service for free.

    Please respond.

    Ivan III

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