Software Demonstrations are like watching TV (no, that’s not a good thing)

Will Weider over at Candid CIO posted a great new article: ET and Software Demonstrations. I especially loved what he said about the “Cannit” part of software demonstrations:

I know I am trapped in a bad demonstration when a volley begins between participants and demonstrators. Each question begins with “Can it…” Of course each response is “Yes.” Or my favorite “Yes, with customization,” which is vendorspeak for NO.

There are so many problems with this approach I don’t know where to begin. Actually I do. The vendor is lying through his/her teeth until proven otherwise. Any simple question that someone asks can be interpreted in a way to illicit a positive response. Usually the questions are too poorly thought out to really capture the intent. Furthermore, if the vendor is not demonstrating, but just volleying back positive responses is anyone really learning anything?



Shahid N. Shah

Shahid Shah is an internationally recognized enterprise software guru that specializes in digital health with an emphasis on e-health, EHR/EMR, big data, iOT, data interoperability, med device connectivity, and bioinformatics.