Health Wonk Review: A healthcare policy, technology, and business blogs carnival

Joe Paduda, Matthew Holt, and others have started the Healthcare Policy, Business, Technology & “Non-clinical” Issues Carnival called Health Wonk Review. Here’s how Matthew described the new Carnival:

Inspired by the Nick doing Grand Rounds, Joe Paduda at Managed Care Matters has put together the first bi-weekly edition of a compendium of the best of blogging about health care policy, business, technology and anything that isn’t really clinical in nature. We’re hoping that it’s going to be a companion to the main Grand Rounds and that it’ll be a place to find some of the best insight into our evolving health care system. And while Joe kindly calls me a co-founder, and I will be hosting in two weeks, this is all his work and he gets the plaudits.


Shahid N. Shah

Shahid Shah is an internationally recognized enterprise software guru that specializes in digital health with an emphasis on e-health, EHR/EMR, big data, iOT, data interoperability, med device connectivity, and bioinformatics.