Should we develop a healthcare domain-specific language (DSL)?

Artima Developer recently started a discussion on How and When to Develop Domain-Specific Languages. It was a good discussion and made me think about a couple of DSLs I’d written for healthcare during my dot-com CTO days. I was wondering if others had done the same and whether they’d like to share their DSLs with the rest of the healthcare IT community.

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10 thoughts on “Should we develop a healthcare domain-specific language (DSL)?

  1. I’m really interested in the need for DSL’s in Healthcare. I’d love to hear of the ones you’ve written, their applicability and implementation details. I’d also love to hear of any areas in which DSL’s could be considered as useful or required.

  2. I have recently been involved in a project to develop a DSL for Healthcare in the area of clinical decision support. The DSL allows the users (MDs, other clinicians) to write the rules in a more natural language than most of the rules engines support. Then our code translates the DSL rules into Drools syntax to be used for clinical decision support.

    Is there interest out there for this type of DSL in Healthcare?

  3. I found a paper that describes a DSL that is implemented using aspects (AOP). I cannot find the full document – but here is the abstract on ACM:

    ALPH: a domain-specific language for crosscutting pervasive healthcare concerns

    If anyone is interested, I’d be very interested in exploring healthcare DSLs in more depth.

  4. Hi, we have a tool that can enforce technical security policies based on DSLs, and we are currently considering developing a healthcare DSL for a potential customer. Anyone who wants to discuss, please contact me via the contacts form at

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