Healthcare IT Startup Advice

Over the past few months I’ve been approached by many startups to comment on their ideas and products. I love doing product reviews, especially for startups, because I’ve been an entrepreneur for years and I can’t help but offer advice (even when I’m not asked).… Read More

Axure Prototyping Software

Check out the latest Axure RP prototyping software. Here’s what they claim you can do with it (from their website): Rapidly create wireframes in a drag and drop environment with easy to use, time-saving features. Generate HTML prototypes that clearly demonstrate the design and function… Read More

CCHIT Town Call

I attended the Certifcation Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT) Town Call for IT folks today and it was pretty useful. I’m still not convinced that CCHIT Certification will be truly useful for end users for some years, but I do think it is a… Read More