HIMMS interested in bloggers, blogging, and social networking

Today I spent some time being interviewed by a HIMMS marketing and communications group member and I was pleased by what I heard. The fellow on the phone seem genuinely interested in how we, as bloggers, see HIMMS as an organization and especially how they could better cater the 2007 conference to our small (but in his words “influential”) blogging community.

He said HIMMS had been following blogs like mine and are very interested learning if the HIMMS 2007 Conference should have a blog and what it should look like. I was impressed by their questions because it really seemed that they were genuinely interested in blogging to bring real value to potential attendees.

I told them that if they’re serious about hearing from the “people at work” including CIOs, software architects, system architects, clinical professionals, and others involved in the healthcare IT community we would be happy to guide them. I made it clear that we’re looking or real value and not glorified press releases or canned presentations. He agreed and it was clear that they understand the value and influence we bring to the healthcare IT industry. I also cautioned against a HIMMS blog being a echo chamber for its other, normal, marketing and communications materials and he said that they were not looking in that direction either.

All in all, I couldn’t complain because they were very receptive to everything I said. It will be interesting to see how many of the ideas I presented will be implemented but even if a couple of them are, I’d be happy.

I got the sense that our little get together at last year’s HIMMS got someone’s attention and I’m going to help them come up with some ideas to really get the bloggers involved even more next year. Perhaps in New Orleans next year we will be first class citizens :-).

If you have some specific ideas that you’d like me to pass along to the folks at HIMMS, let me know and I’ll be happy to get it there. E-mail me if you have something private to share or better yet drop a comment here in case you don’t mind others seeing your ideas.

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10 thoughts on “HIMMS interested in bloggers, blogging, and social networking

  1. Let’s be sure we get the key HIMSS folks attend our innaugural Healthcare Blogging Summit 2006

    This should be just the place to give them a good overview of what they need to be thinking about, leaving enough time to prepare for HIMSS 2007.

    Aside from this, I think HIMSS needs to treat bloggers as fully accredited press.

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  3. I don’t think people quite have a grasp on what blogging can accomplish. The critical mass of rational thought is, however, making this obvious. We can publish our opinions and get rational thought out there for all to see. It’s kind of nice.

  4. Dmitriy, yes I plan to talk to them about the blogging conference at the end of the year. I got the sense that they’re not really wondering what blogging is all about but are really interested in the topics and approach for how to use blogging to reach their intendend audience.

    rlamberts — I agree, it’s really kind of nice to finally be seen as having an impact.

  5. Bravo Shahid. I’ve often wondered why HIMMS is so connected to the old media format. Something as simple as an RSS feed on their sites would have been a start, but knowing that they are actually looking to join the blogging community is a big leap forward.

  6. Any idea what the HIMSS organizers’ goals are for blogging? Do they want to just publish the pulse of the conference? Increase attendance? Help vendors sell more? Foster critical dialogue on new learning in healthcare IT?

    I was at HIMSS last year and I’m trying to think of what value blogging might deliver (to the organizers as opposed to attendees and other similarly interested parties) and I’m not coming up with a whole lot.

  7. niblettes — your question of “value” is exactly what we discused when I spoke with them. I think you are correct that they have not listed all their goals yet but I think that is what they would like my (and of course the rest of the community’s help on).

    I actually have a number of ideas and I’ve shared some of them with them but we only had a short time to visit in my last meeting.

    One of the specific ideas I mentioned was to have an online, public “review” of some of the most popular sessions from the previous year’s conference. We could do critiques starting in september or october that will give them enough time to improve them for next year.

  8. Shahid,

    Yes, that is where I understood HIMSS is – trying to figure out how to leverage blogging.

    Those are exactly the purposes of the Blogging Summit – to help healthcare execs learn enough to formulate and implement viable blog / new media strategies.

    Many are still content “lurking” rather than jumping in, but this event should be an icebreaker.

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