HIT Vendors should create virtual appliances for their software

A virtual machine with pre-installed healthcare IT software/systems is something I’ve been looking forward to for a while. Closed source as well as open-source software based on technology from VMWare, Inc. would allow saving hours or even days of effort often required in installing healthcare IT software.

Healthcare IT vendors should use VMware’s new virtual appliance software to create free downloadable zip files that contains a virtual machine (VM) with pre-installed software like MedSphere, VISTA, and similar software. It would take advantage of the technology provided by VMWare, Inc. that allows an operating system to run as a standard application on any computer. To run the virtual machine all an end user would need to get is the free VMWare Player from the VMWare website.

There are already dozens of freely available virtual appliances on the VMWare website and I use many of them now. It’s great to be able to try out or deploy a complex operating envrionment in minutes instead of hours and days. If you want to be able to allow people to try out your software or system you owe them a virtual appliance.

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3 thoughts on “HIT Vendors should create virtual appliances for their software

  1. Shahid..thanks for the post. I use vmware on my laptop to emulate a database server, web server, and middleware server for testing client issues in a closed environment. For the most part, it works well. The main concern for me is network connects used by vmware and the 10 flavors of VPN connections used by various clients. I didn’t realize they had a player. I see this as a huge benefit for what I want to do with training. We do webex trainings via conference calls for every new release and upgrade. We will be moving the demonstration to recorded webex files to be viewed on the website. The vmware player would be great for setting up an environment for those users to try out the new functionality before installation in their test system. I’m guessing this too could be posted on the website.

    I’ve been working on a slightly different demo package for things like Vista, new applications…sales possibilities. I’m in the process of building a linux live CD with working versions of all of our applications. This way we can ship a CD or build a usb pen drive and ship it to a client for review. They do not have to install anything….put the CD in the drive and boot the pc.

    Will Oliver

  2. Glad to hear that VMware is working well for you — I can’t live without my copy (I’ve been a long-time happy client) but the new free player is very cool, especially because there are so many free virtual appliances out there now.

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