Axure Prototyping Software

Check out the latest Axure RP prototyping software. Here’s what they claim you can do with it (from their website):

  • Rapidly create wireframes in a drag and drop environment with easy to use, time-saving features.
  • Generate HTML prototypes that clearly demonstrate the design and function in popular browsers.
  • Generate specifications documenting the design in a professional, easy to read Word format.

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21 thoughts on “Axure Prototyping Software

  1. iRise is another similar prototyping tool. However I’ve always been a little suspicious of such tools.

    First, the time it takes to learn these propritary tools is often better spent learning more generally useful technologies that also allow you to prototype. For example XHTML+CSS can be a very valuable technical skill to have, as well as providing the kind separation between content and layout that make rapid prototyping incredibly fast and high-fidelity.

    I usually use tools like CorelDraw, Flash or Visio to quickly create wireframes and then just as quickly evolve them within the tool into visually rich prototypes that look like the finished product.

    Carefully evaluate proprietary prototyping tools. The technology still doesn’t do the work for you, and they can be very expensive and often no easier or more productive than other less proprietary tools.

  2. Good point. I reviewed and posted about iRise a while back but Axure is cheap enough to try out and even if you give up because it’s not useful you won’t lose much.

  3. Hi

    I am evaluating tools and have looked at Axure’s offering. I like it but it needs far more support for entering documentation text, so far as being able to design and specify GUI stuff Its pretty good, but one cannot add arbitrray sections of text and control font, headings etc nor can one add tables (e.g. a revision history etc).

  4. Hi all – its great to see the prototyping software category introduced here.

    I expect an online method would be of interest too so I thought I would introduce our company here.

    Our Simunicator is entirely unique and can be found at this url: Simunicator enables anyone with a web browser to connect, build, and distribute online, prototypes and simulations so everyone can test drive and validate applications before project signoff.

    Simunicator prototypes and simulations are driven from use cases injected with industry standard user interface and behavior that are later reusable in development. Complex AJAX, SOA, DHTML/DOM, Java Script and HTML applications can be simulated with Simunicator.

    Any feedback on the web service would be very welcome.

    I hope this information is helpful.


    Richard Khan
    Product Manager

  5. I’ve used Axure constantly for the last few months and find in invaluable in prototyping design and revising I/A for web and other applications.

    It’s great to seal the gap between text-based specs (wireframes in Visio, functional requirements).

    It’s also a really good way of taking your clients or stakeholders through an application before it hits coders. I generally get signoff on a functional Axure prototype before i even involve my developers, that way there are no nasty surprises after something has been built.

    I’m about to give Lucid a try too.

  6. A great tool for low fidelity prototyping is DENIM.

    Cited from

    “DENIM is a system that helps web site designers in the early stages of design. DENIM supports sketching input, allows design at different refinement levels, and unifies the levels through zooming.”

    If you didn’t tried it (it’s free)… don’t loose the oportunity.

    You can create a logical/semantical structure, draw pages, make links (even conditionals), change anything and “use” a working version in real time (with users) and send it to anyone, since it generates html image maps.

    It really deserves a try. 🙂


  7. Healthcare IT Guy – How has your recent experience been with Axure RP? Are you still using it, or have you moved on to other tools?

    I like the fact that Irise allows you to put data in spreadsheets, but it is expensive. Axure is somewhat within reach of a startup without money.

  8. I decided to try out the Axure.  I really love the iRise blog and the way their people think, but that one little feature was the deciding factor for me.

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