Mirth Java-based open source HL7 Framework

David Kelton pointed me to this new open source HL7 processing framework called Mirth. I haven’t tried it out yet but it’s pedigree, design, platform, and architecture looks really good at first glance. Here’s how they describe the tool:

Mirth is an open source cross-platform HL7 interface engine that enables bi-directional sending of HL7 messages between systems and applications over multiple transports. By utilizing an enterprise service bus framework and a channel-based architecture, Mirth allows messages to be filtered, transformed, and routed based on user-defined rules. Creating HL7 interfaces for existing systems becomes easy using the web-based interface and channel creation wizard which associates applications with Mirth engine components.

Definitely worth checking it out. If any of you out there are using, I’d love to hear what you think.

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11 thoughts on “Mirth Java-based open source HL7 Framework

  1. Mirth is great. If you have a legacy HIS system and on a tight budget, Mirth will help to HL7-enable your legacy system without a lot of investment. I’m still testing it, version 1.1 and seriously considering of using it for our production environment. It’s almost comparable to Iguana.

  2. Mirth has come a long way since version 1.1. Its at 1.7 now.

    Webreach Inc, the company that created mirth is now selling “plug and play” appliances with Mirth embedded on them ready to play nice in your network. You don’t even have to install mirth. The appliances have a really nice control panel interface to manage mirth and other services.

    There are quite a bit of companies out there using these appliances. You can see the list of customers on the wEbreach’s customer page.

    Thanks for your post. I know its a bit old, but I would love to hear more if you ever actually got a chance to try out Mirth. And if not, are you planning on it?

  3. Oscar, i’ve been using WebReach and Mirth for about 9 months now and I find it very useful and have it in use at some production client sites. I like it a lot and do recommend it.

  4. I have been using Mirth for a while now and is very powerful tool for integration. I have instllaed at my clinet sites and it has performed wonderfully. I do recommend this tool. I have created a video of how to get started with Mirht that I will be posting shortly at http://blogs.circlesource.com/, check it out after couple of days.

  5. @Shahid N. Shah
    That is great to hear, are you using one of Webreach’s appliances or are you using the standalone Mirth with support from Webreach?

    @Dr. Maqbool Patel
    Glad to hear as well, I went to the site but I didn’t find the video, is it available already? Could you link to it? I’m sure the mirth guys would like to see it to if you drop by and mention it on their forums mirthproject.org

    @The Healthcare IT Guy, thanks for all the posts, they’re interesting to read. Do you have plans on adding one of those little checkboxes to “subscribe to comments” anytime soon? It would be cool to have that.

  6. There is a typo in this post. See “look really at first glance”. Look really what? I guess you meant “look really good”, but the word isn't there.

    Also, at first glance, Mirth seems like some impenetrable blob of corporate suckiness, it takes forever to get to anything technical from their site, and I still haven't found what I need to know, and there are six unresponsive users in #mirth on Freenode at the time of this writing. Not an exciting argument imo.

    1. Thanks, Jeff. I corrected the typo. I do agree that Mirth has some challenges with support but I've used their product now for a couple of years on numerous real-world interfaces and am happy with the technical side but like most other small companies they've had problems keep up with support.

      1. Hi Shahid i want some help over mirth, i need some information about how mirth processes multiple messages over one channel e.g ADT^A01,ADDT^A02,ADT^A04,ADT^A08 over one channel how it is possible please guide me.


  7. pls introduce me the new version Mirth 2.0.0 with example since i've worked with 1.8 version & now i want to convert

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