Let’s take off our ties and attend “Games for Health”

What can the healthcare industry learn from the gaming industry? Plenty. Tiny, superfast computers with 3-D technology, highly usable interfaces, and the fact that almost anyone can play even complex games can teach us a thing or two. The Games for Health 2006 Conference, being held near me in Baltimore, is the third annual installment of the gathering that is is designed to strengthen the intersection between health care and gaming. From their announcement:

Games for Health, 2006 features over 30 sessions on the latest and most innovative ways that video and computer gaming are becoming a powerful influence on health and healthcare. Sessions will cover products and projects aimed at personal health, exergaming, professional health care training and skill development, epidemics and disaster response, obesity, and health messaging. Last year the event drew over 200 researchers, developers healthcare professionals and journalists.

You can learn more about the event at http://www.gamesforhealth.org.

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