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Back in February I posted about Podslurping and recommended coming up with some policies and procedures to help prevent it. This week Edward Lansink saw that original article and pointed me to his whitepaper called “Pod slurping: an easy technique for stealing data” which discusses the problem with uncontrolled use of iPods, USB sticks and flash drives on your network. Edward’s company has done a nice job capturing the problem domain (which is growing by the minute) and how to use tools like the ones his company makes to get it somewhat under control. If there’s interest I will ask him to write a guest article on the subject as well (if you’re interested in this topic let me know by clicking the rating star above).

Here’s an abstract of the product whitepaper:

A common misconception is that perimeter security measures such as firewalls and anti-virus software are enough to secure corporate data residing on the corporate network. In this white paper, we explore how the uncontrolled use of portable storage devices such as iPods, USB sticks, flash drives and PDAs, coupled with data theft techniques such as ‘pod slurping’, can lead to major security breaches.


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