Do micro-job sites offer better jobs?

There’s recently been a steady uptick in new micro-job sites that eschew the “single site fits all” strategy pioneered by Basically, the new niche-oriented sites focus on specific jobs of very specific markets. Well, I bring this up because I ran across Med IT Jobs which is focused on, you guessed it, healthcare IT and medical informatics jobs.

While it’s pretty small and doesn’t represent many companies yet, it’s free for a limited time so it’s worth giving it a shot if you’re looking for a job or if you’re an employer with an open position. Of course, it requires you to enter all your resume information yet again — this is one of the principal weaknesses of micro-sites: if I register at 10 micro-sites, I have to enter my information 10 times instead of just once at something like

What do you guys think about these micro- or niche-oriented job sites? Do they have better jobs or are the jobs just easier to find?

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One thought on “Do micro-job sites offer better jobs?

  1. Thank you for visiting our website. I would just like to clarify the resume posting issue. We do not require registrants to post resumes although we do capture some basic contact information in order to communicate with our customers about new services as we add them to the site. Registrants are encouraged to post resumes if they want potential employers to have access to their backgrounds and may also use the confidential feature if they wish to remain anonymous yet still available for contact via e-mail. We will strive to become a valuable recruiting resource for the community.

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