Tolven Healthcare Innovations has ready to run open source healthcare apps

Check out Tolven Healthcare Innovations — they’ve got this open source software (language from their website):

  • An electronic Personal Health Record solution (ePHR) that will enable consumers to record and selectively share healthcare information about themselves and their loved ones in a secure manner.
  • An electronic Clinician Health Record solution (eCHR) that enables physicians and other healthcare providers to securely access healthcare information collated from any number of trusted sources relating to an individual patient in a structured and easily accessible way.
  • A healthcare informatics platform that enables all healthcare data to be stored and accessed via the ePHR and eCHR solutions. The platform is based on industry standard technologies and data models.

The software was a little hard to install (a few major prerequisites like Postgres, OpenLDAP) so I didn’t have time to try it out today but plan on getting to it soon. Meanwhile, if the guys from Tolven are listening, please consider creating a VMware image that will run in VMware Player so it’s just a “download and go” trial. Tolven engineers — drop me a note if you need some help with the database schema, I’ve done many db reviews and would be happy to get involved.

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6 thoughts on “Tolven Healthcare Innovations has ready to run open source healthcare apps

  1. Hi,

    This looks like a promising product, thanks for making us aware.

    Have you had a chance to look more into it yet? Would be keen to get your thoughts on this Open Source solution.



  2. Rami — I live in the USA and know this market well but I have no experience with the Middle East market; I will see if I can get some folks out there to chime in and write a guest article or something.

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