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One of the most common presentations and lectures I do at companies is an “Introduction to Healthcare IT” (Health IT 101). Some of the items I try to cover include how the healthcare industry in the USA operates because inevitably our IT systems are limited in functionality because of our business structure. Nainil Chheda, who posted a guest article on NHIN last month, sent me his “Introduction to Healthcare in the USA” presentation that he’s written for some briefings he’ll be doing outside the USA. He covers the following information:

  • Health Care Statistics
  • Basic Outline of Patient Flow
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Personal Health Records
  • Standards & Interoperability
  • Certification
  • Discussion Topics (Consumer Empowerment & Population Health)

It’s got a lot of information and if you’re ever asked to introduce healthcare IT topics to a non-healthcare group this is a perfect presentation. Nainil was kind enough to give me permission to post it on my site here. Drop some comments here and let me know what you think — or if you think anything is missing.

Download the “Introduction to Healthcare in the USA” Presentation


Shahid N. Shah

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