Microsoft’s Internet Service Bus

We’ve probably all heard about the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) but I’ve been playing with Microsoft’s new Internet Service Bus and like the idea. Instead of installing an ESB within your own firm (which is not a trivial job), you can use a publicly hosted service bus infrastructure managed by Microsoft. With a good identity federation architecture, the security is “good enough” for most uses and you should check it out. This is not the same kind of neat stuff we’re seeing from Amazon (like S3 and their cloud services) but it’s a good direction for Microsoft which is really behind the 8 ball on hosted services in general.

See BizTalk Services Goes Live.

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Internet Service Bus

  1. Will it be easy for MS to maintain ISB for many enterprises.How enterprise make necessary business service changes to the bus.

    It looks like too far fetched but MS has been selling anything it wants

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