Free tool to help identify iPods, USB sticks on the network

I’ve written previously about PodSlurping and portable storage devices being a security hazard on our healthcare networks.

I ran across this tool called EndPointScan. GFI have just released this online scanner, which is basically a free tool that can show which portable storage devices have been and are being used on an organization’s network, where on the network they’re used and by whom. If you’re in the information assurance or security group in your department or enterprise you owe it to yourself to get a tool like this so you’re not caught off guard. If users know you’re watching (you can send them nice e-mails telling them when they’ve tripped an alarm) they are less likely to carelessly use portable devices on the network.

I ran the tool on a few computers in my office and the scanning worked but reports weren’t properly generated. I think it might have to do with me running Vista instead of Windows XP (but to be fair, Windows Vista is not on their “supported” list). If you give it a shot, drop me a comment here to tell me whether you find it of value or not.

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One thought on “Free tool to help identify iPods, USB sticks on the network

  1. It ran fine under Windows XP.

    The tool didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, since everything on its report was something I plugged into the computer myself. However, I think it would be a valuable aid to help enforce policies on a network. These USB devices are becoming ubiquitous and they can introduce viruses or be used to spirit away confidential data.

    There was an interesting report of a security consultant who dropped USB flash drives around a company parking lot. A significant number of them were picked up and subsequently plugged in, where auto-start software on the drive ran and emailed the consultant that they had been plugged in. This could just have well been a malicious program, a keystroke logger, or something that just zipped up all the data on the hard drive and transmitted it.

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