Disaster time prescription records

ICERx.org (In Case of Emergency Prescription Database), an online resource that provides licensed prescribers and pharmacists caring for disaster victims with secure access to a patient’s comprehensive medication history, has just been lanunched. ICERx.org (www.icerx.org) is a public service initiative created by AMA, Informed Decisions, the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS), the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA), RxHub and SureScripts, as well as state Medicaid and other government agencies.

Through ICERx.org, authorized physicians and pharmacists who are assisting disaster-affected individuals can obtain the medication records of evacuees. The prescription history information is pooled from a variety of sources participating in ICERx.org, including the nation’s community pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers and state Medicaid programs.

This is an excellent use of healthcare IT and is a step forward in my own call for a Disaster-time Health Record (DHR).

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One thought on “Disaster time prescription records

  1. This is an outgrowth of katrinahealth.org. Same sponsors it appears. I think this is a dangerous database. Although their website states that HIV, mental illness, and chem dependency-related meds are filtered out, that still leaves a lot of information out there for any physician or pharmacist to view. Nothing seems to prohibit the medical director of a life insurance company from pulling any applicant’s precription history to validate that every med they’ve ever taken is listed on the life insurance application. Nor does anything seem to prohibit a pharmacist in Seattle from accessing their brother-in-law’s records from Miami. Where is my opt-in right as a patient? I should control who can see my health care records!!!

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