Health IT Blogs Visualized

Ryan Byrd over at has a great picture of the HIT blogosphere.

HIT Blogsphere Visualized

Here’s how he described what he did:

What does the healthcare blogosphere look like? That is, how are all the healthcare IT blogs interconnected?

I wrote a quick program that extracted the blogs listed there and for each of them, I spidered the first page for links and checked to see if those links linked back to the original 50. Then my program created a network graph that displayed the connections while scaling the size of each site’s node proportional to the number of other sites linking to it.

Looks like a great picture, Ryan. Nice job.

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One thought on “Health IT Blogs Visualized

  1. I scaled the nodes based on the number of incoming links, but a better way would be to size them according to a pagerank-esque algorithm (which would mean, for example, that links from heavily-linked sites carry greater weight.) Also, I should link to the javascript version and make it more interactive (who *wouldn’t* want to click and drag the nodes around?)

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