Personalized drug safety alerts

Medication errors account for a larger portion of deaths than they should. As part of my work for various firms I’ve been involved in designing, architecting, and installing drug safety systems in hospitals and IT systems. Reducing medication errors is a big goal for everyone… Read More

Hospital Rankings Visualized

Naoum Issa at Medical Resource Group showed me a neat little tool at NetDoc which is basically a mashup of Google Maps and HHS hospital database. It uses publicly available data from the Department of Health and Human Services, and displays a summary of the information… Read More

Management 2.0

In a nice interview with Gary Hamel, Allan Alter at CIO Insight writes: The efficiency-focused management model has run its course, says strategist Gary Hamel. To see the future of management, look to the Internet, open source, free markets and democratic institutions. It’s a good… Read More