Microsoft releases new PHR

Microsoft just unveiled HealthVault, the first personal health record (PHR) designed with an ecosystem in mind. I created mine online and it’s a bit sparse but a good start. Anyone who’s doing anything in the consumer space needs to pay attention to HealthVault because Microsoft threw down a pretty good gauntlet that Google will be matching soon.

HealthVault has basic record management and simple document management capabilities. It would be great if practice management systems and hospital systems started to connect and share information with HealthVault to make it even more valuable.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on it.

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5 thoughts on “Microsoft releases new PHR

  1. The PACS Designer


    Thank you Microsoft for launching HealthVault,the PHR or “On Ramp” to the road for a consolidated health record referred to in Lab Soft News by Bruce Friedman, MD as the XHR and coined by Scott Shreeve, MD in a blog recently at his website. Dr. Shreeve referred to the combined health record as an XHR which I define as Extended and Exchangeable Health Record to differentiate it from the EHR or Electronic Health Record referred to earlier in medical history and often confused with an EMR Electronic Medical Record that is sold by many companies or available free from the Internet. Below are the web links for the bloggers mentioned above:

  2. Hi Shahid,
    I just checked out this application as well.As a practicing physician, I’m really excited about this application and have signed up for a personal account. My plan is to start enrolling my patients with the hope of consolidating their medical data.

    I found however that the application did not have a place for me to enter my past medical history, medication lists etc. I think, for this application to work for my patients, this feature needs to be in place. Perhaps this feature already exists. If this is the case, it needs to be more obvious to the user. I know this is in beta, so I’m willing to wait. My hope is that the Health Vault is a true PHR.
    I’m curious to hear about the experience of others.
    Mark Singh MD

  3. I tried to create mine, unfortunately I couldn’t.

    Ref :
    “Thank you for your interest in Microsoft HealthVault

    This release of Microsoft HealthVault is intended for use only within the United States(US). We are working to make HealthVault available globally and encourage you to try again at a later date.”

    But yes, the system did guide me through to have a “STRONG” password.

  4. I managed to create one. But currently it’s not much use for anything. I do see that it supports data upload from blood glucose meters. I need to try that out and see how it appears.

    I did notice Bill Gates’ op-ed piece on the need for computerized medical records in Friday’s Wall Street Journal. Is that a strange coincidence…or something else? What a great ‘free’ ad for HealthVault, even if it wasn’t mentioned in the half-page piece.

  5. Google is preparing is response for early 2008:

    I’m asking myself the following questions about these personal health record providers:

    To who belongs the personal health records? Are these providers subject to HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)?

    Are we ready to leave some privacy for a free service?

    I’m looking forward the evolution of these offering.

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