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Robert Pierce, a Healthcare IT Guy reader and fellow healthcare technologist, recently sent me the following note:

I attended a breakfast at HIMSS put on by Allscripts at which Newt Gingrich spoke.  Before Newt came to the mike they aired a video that’s pretty interesting I think; makes the point with precision and power even though it’s a vendor product (understated).

Though I was slightly offended as a health professional by the over-the-top focus on medical errors, it’s worth viewing as a reminder of why we need to get paper out of medicine.

I checked out the video and it was generally well done– it brought to light the issue of paper in healthcare. I agree with Bob that it went a bit over the top with the issue of medical errors (like “if you buy AllScripts you can somehow eliminate medical errors”) but it did make the point how bad paper is to the healthcare industry.

Thanks for the link, Bob. I always appreciate my readers chiming in.


Shahid N. Shah

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