Productivity strategies for Doctors

Life hacks are productivity strategies that solve everyday problems — especially problems related to information overload. Joshua Schwimmer, a Physician, recently put together and presented Life Hacks for Doctors (as a slide deck, not a paper). It’s a nice presentation and I recommend all Physicians… Read More

Why Doctors Are Heading for Texas

Normally I write about Healthcare IT but today’s Why Doctors Are Heading for Texas article in the Wall Street Journal caught my attention. Here’s why: Today obstetricians, surgeons and other doctors might consider reviving the practice. Over the past three years, some 7,000 M.D.s have… Read More

HealthCampMD in June

HealthCampMD  ( will look at Social Networks, Web 2.0 technology and Data Portability as it might impact the Health Care industry. This will be a meeting of minds of technologists and health care professionals interested in the evolution of the Health Care industry. Check out… Read More