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I introduced Phreesia on my blog back in December 2005. I was impressed by the company back then because they took a real problem — improving the patient check-in process — and solved it using some deceptively simple technology that would actually be used.

They definitely haven’t rested on their laurels; since then, Phreesia has continued to improve the patient experience. Phreesia remains the Patient Check-in Company but they’re just getting even more deeply embedded within the physician office workflow. The new PhreesiaPad has had a total makeover in its user interface and external design; a new, friendly orange PhreesiaPad now sits in doctors’ offices across the country (see image below). This non-intimidating design helps even the most techno-phobic patients ease into using it for check-in.


The team at Phreesia is dedicated to creating a functional interface and maintaining patient satisfaction. The data collection ranges from basic identifying information to reason for visit, family medical history, insurance provider and current medications – even adding a comprehensive list of name brand and generic meds built-in to avoid remembering or confusing prescriptions. One of the newer and most innovative controls I’ve seen on the PhreesiaPad was a custom signature capture feature where patients can electronically sign doctor-uploaded HIPAA and other agreement forms, not only does it capture an accurate signature, but also allows one to switch the side of the line depending on whether they’re right- or left-handed. Rest assured that all of the Patient Health Information captured, is secure and safe and since Phreesia is committed to the ideals of HIPAA, docs remain compliant by using the pad. You can view all these features in a demo of the new PhreesiaPad here.

Doctors across the country have clearly seen a need for the PhreesiaPad; the company has grown exponentially since it started. The fact that docs in a number of specialties, not just primary care physicians, get specialty specific and fully modifiable interviews makes it easy for any type of physician to serve their patients. Phreesia draws on the advice of a really comprehensive medical advisory board with a broad range of specialties from some of the top hospitals in the country, which helps the team become completely engrossed in various medical fields including: Neurology, Cardiology, Internal Medicine and Obstetrics among others.

Phreesia recently launched Spanish-language functionality so patients can conduct the interview in Spanish. Chaim, Evan and team are responding to physician offices’ requests by enhancing applications to conduct real-time, patient triggered eligibility and benefits checks and enabling a patient self service co-payment process. Phreesia will integrate with any existing and future technology in your office

With such success so far, Phreesia has also contributed to the ‘greater-good’ by launching clinical initiatives that aid in the prevention and awareness of stroke, medication wear-off in Parkinson’s Disease patients and the early identification of women at risk for postpartum depression. Since I last recommended giving Phreesia a chance, it has grown at a rapid pace and docs in almost every state are reaping the benefits. I still stand behind Phreesia, and if you’re a doctor and haven’t done so already, please take the opportunity to learn more and get this technology into your office. It’s well worth the effort.


Shahid N. Shah

Shahid Shah is an internationally recognized enterprise software guru that specializes in digital health with an emphasis on e-health, EHR/EMR, big data, iOT, data interoperability, med device connectivity, and bioinformatics.