Texting for Insurance Deductibles and Copays

George over at Patient Centric Healthcare blogged about using mobile phones’ texting capabilities to get insurance company deductibles and other information. Nice idea, worth reading — somebody will make some money off of it. He says:

Imagine texting your plan for an immediate response on:

  • Your deductible
  • Your FSA balance
  • Your copay on a specific drug
  • Whether a provider is in network
  • The status of your prior authorization
  • A list of formulary alternatives

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One thought on “Texting for Insurance Deductibles and Copays

  1. While this sounds like a great idea, I can’t really see it happening any time in the near future. Making a call to your insurance provider usually takes a significant amount of time, so I can’t imagine they would be able to respond via text very quickly. They would have to automate the system, and that would involve quite a bit of time and patience.

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