Nice new web-based physician Marketing and Social Networking site

The folks at Phyzoom have recently released a social networking site for physicians that adds a nice twist – it’s helpful for marketing services between physicians and other parts of their healthcare ecosystem (insurance, hospitals, etc). I’ve seen and reviewed a number of physician-oriented social networking sites (like Sermo and Ozmosis) but Phyzoom seems to be the first one looking to help doctors with marketing and increasing patient visits. It’s an excellent idea.

In addition to tying together physicians, Phyzoom seems to also rope in patients to help them communicate with their physicians.

Check them out and let me know what you guys think.

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12 thoughts on “Nice new web-based physician Marketing and Social Networking site

  1. Not sure how is this site helpful for patients. I can search for doctors through several other means, including my insurance company websites. Why would I go here?

    Maybe doctors get something useful out of this, I cannot tell.

    Though I would be hesitant to provide any information to this website. They don’t have an About Us section and don’t mention who is behind the website. Even the blog does not have author’s name on it.

  2. Abhi – good points and you beat us to the web (in sorts) as our updates will be within 24 hours. We are a new site that is focused on promoting
    physicians on the web and through traditional marketing. As they say – Cobbler’s Kids have no Shoes.

    Phyzoom is a web property of OnKua (on-kwaa) based in Columbus, Ohio and our team has expertise in healthcare marketing as well as IT. We work with both independent physician groups and hospitals.

    Re directory: clearly there are a lot of “Find a Physician” directories on the web, but we are expanding the directory concept with content and
    a single location for patients & physicians. This is just one of the many marketing features Phyzoom offers hospitals and practices.

    Be sure to check back in at – as we are continually updating our content

  3. Shahid – Social Networking is just a feature – and if that is the premise of the core product – sorry, I don’t see how this helps a physician. I can see this as part of a Practice Mmgt and/or EMR system (and in some ways the referral stuff is already being built into these PM/EMR) – but as stand alone app – I just don’t see the utility.

  4. Wonder if more health websites are making use of Google’s universal data access and how PhyZoom protects patient privacy. From a design standpoint, looks pretty dry but the idea is promising. I will be paying attention to see how it evolves.

  5. G, good point. Social Networking is certainly just a feature. What I like about PHYZOOM’s implementation is that they’re trying to use social networking to help improve the business of the physicians (increase professional connections and communications). It’s not completely novel but I like the direction 🙂

  6. Social Networking is just a feature, and as usual, Sahid’s observations regarding physicians’ desire for connection/communication amongst professionals is on the mark.

    Remember the days when the doctor’s lounge was a place where physicians went for such interaction?

    I find Sermo and others interesting, but merging this “feature” within one’s clinical workflow offers more potential for care coordination/improvement.

    PHYZOOM has a creative idea and seems worth watching.

  7. Firstly, I tried the search and get an mysql error.

    I agree to Kevin, the design of the site is little boring, too much text, not really state-of-the-art. And it looks kind of anonymous. Also the logo is just a text. I bet tomorrow I will have forgotten about this site. There’s nothing that holds me there at first sight, nothing outstanding! They need to put something more grabbing onto the page.

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