Moving to two-factor authentication in healthcare apps

Most of us who work in the technology field know that single-factor authentication (using just a username and password combination) is not as secure as two-factor (or multi-factor) authentication. The Federal Government and large businesses alike either require multi-factor authentication or at least support it through the use of a physical access card or something similar. Until recently, it’s been difficult to get multi-factor security working in modern apps because they’ve either been expensive or difficult to implement. As I wrote in my recent Federal Architecture blog posting, the open source PKI Framework and WebCullis projects are changing that. It’s worth a look.

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2 thoughts on “Moving to two-factor authentication in healthcare apps

  1. Not necessarily…

    Look around, a lot of businesses on the same order of magnitude as the healthcare industry has managed to use two-factor authentication using smart cards…

    Most hospitals have mandatory ID-cards for employees, why not put a chip in them?

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