Additional NIST Certification Draft Test Procedures updates

Check out the NIST Draft Test Procedures site; the following test documents have been updated this week:

  • Incorporate laboratory test results
  • Report quality measures
  • Submission to immunization registries
  • Public health surveillance

They’re making good progress on the procedures but there is still quite a long way to go before the final ones are approved and made public. Has anyone been through the details? What do you guys think so far about the quality and objectivity of the test procedures?

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3 thoughts on “Additional NIST Certification Draft Test Procedures updates

  1. I have been reviewing your blog for a class I am taking towards my MSN. Looking over the NIST draft test, I noticed that patient education is missing. This is a large part of the medical record and needs to be added to every EMR. It tell show all providers what education the patient has recieved in regards to medication and procedures that have taken place.

    1. I am also reviewing the blog for class. You make a good point regarding patient education. The only place I see within the draft for this is discharge instructions. However, this would only pertain to hospital stays versus doctors visits. (Where new medications are generally prescribed.)

  2. I am also reviewing this site for one of my class. While I was going through the NIST draft test procedures, I didn't see any Advance directives. I think is important to know the patient has any advance directives or not and it should be included in the EHR.

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