Free advice for selecting EMRs and other medical software

All the talk around Meaningful Use, EMRs, EHRs, regional extension centers, and other buzzwords are utterly confusing the physician practices and staff who need to make decisions about what software to buy. I’ve put together some free resources over at HITSphere called Free Medical and Healthcare Software Buying advice. If you’re confused and would like to see some easy to use tools for how to decide what to look for and what to buy and could use some hand-holding you should check it out.

Remember that even though the government and most consultants are talking about EMRs, you still need just basic technology in your office and EMRs are just part of technology puzzle. You will need solid, unbiased, advice in the following areas:

If you were buying a car you’d go to Edmunds, Consumer Reports, or CarFAX. Until Consumer Reports has an EMR guide, check out our Free Medical and Healthcare Software Buying advice.

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4 thoughts on “Free advice for selecting EMRs and other medical software

  1. Thanks for the link; it's frustrating how few resources there are for those trying to weigh their options in the EHR market. One could hope that the RECs will develop materials on the subject, but I'm not sure how much material they can produce at the moment, given their tight timeline and very specific mission

  2. I know it can be frustrating and overwhelming to find the EMR which is best for you. We at Smooth Practice Solutions can help. Call us at 888-520-1779.

    We can show an easy to use system that will completely make your office paperless with all the efficiency and cost savings you would expect from doing so.

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