An overview of NHIN, NHIN CONNECT, and NHIN Direct

IBM developerWorks invited me to write an article that provides a technical overview of the National Health Information Network (NHIN) along with its related sub projects called NHIN CONNECT and NHIN Direct. The article was published today and covers how you can use CONNECT right now to create your own health information exchange (HIE) or connect to an existing HIE. In the article I also discuss NHIN Direct, a new project without immediately usable code yet, which you can use it to push or pull data from your medical systems to other healthcare systems directly (without necessarily going through an HIE).

The article contains the following information:

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8 thoughts on “An overview of NHIN, NHIN CONNECT, and NHIN Direct

  1. Good work. I would slightly disagree on your comment that RHIOs didn't work. There are RHIOs out there today doing good stuff, but lots of them stopped referring to themselves by RHIO and tend to go by other monikers.

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