Boosting the productivity of clinical workers

McKinsey Quarterly recently published “Boosting the productivity of knowledge workers” (free registration required to access the link). While the article is not specific to clinical or IT workers, they wrote that “the key is identifying and addressing the barriers workers face in their daily interactions” which couldn’t be more true in a clinical setting.

The article starts by asking “Are you doing all that you can to enhance the productivity of your knowledge workers?” and goes on to cover the following topics:

  • Physical and technical barriers
  • Social or cultural barriers
  • Contextual barriers
  • The barrier of time

It’s worth reading and applying the lessons to our clinical and IT teams.

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5 thoughts on “Boosting the productivity of clinical workers

  1. Very True. Guys in the practice don't have a clue what these systems are about. Poor IT guys cant deliver anything with all the animosity, frustration and barriers shown from Clinical side.

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