WSJ: Google Health might get less support under new CEO

Interesting news this morning from the Wall Street Journal:

Some managers believe Mr. Page will eliminate or downgrade projects he doesn’t believe are worthwhile, freeing up employees to work on more important initiatives, these people said. One project expected to get less support is Google Health, which lets people store medical records and other health data on Google’s servers, said people familiar with the matter.

The statement above comes from WSJ’s article “At Google, Page Aims to Clear Red Tape” in which the reporter, Amir Efrati, lays out the case that Larry Page (the CEO that will take over April 4) is looking to streamline Google to act a bit more like a startup than the 24,000 person behemoth that it is.

I’ve always felt that Google Health was technically a reasonable product but the strategy was unclear for its growth and ecosystem support. If you’re depending on Google Health for your CCR / CCD or MU strategy you should keep an eye out on this type of news.

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14 thoughts on “WSJ: Google Health might get less support under new CEO

  1. Shahid – agreed. The product is a very good product but the commitment and strategy from the parent (Google) has always seemed a little…well…unfocused and tenuous at best.

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  3. Not a very surprising action (assuming it's true). Microsoft has taken similar actions on HealthVault. There is a number of non-IT issues that have to be resolved before PHRs take off. While both Google and Microsoft have the funds to make this happen, they both have their hands full with existing projects (just look at the mobile OS space).

    It will take a company focused on medicine and people to make a PHR that works. Then, perhaps, one of these two companies will help with the technical issues.

    1. Thanks, Michael — I've been keeping track of both Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault and think that HealthVault is strategic enough fro Microsoft that it makes sense to use it as a platform / framework. With Google Health I still need more convincing.

    2. You are so right that it will take a company focused on medicine and people to make a PHR that takes off. I would add that ultimately the company will have to focus on interconnected care delivery.

      Avi Kamman
      CTO, MyOwnCare

  4. I agree that Google Health is technically a reasonable product. However, I believe that it will get traction only in an organic healthcare ecosystem which orchestrates technology, care delivery, consumer need, and money flow. Google Health and all the other platforms, repositories, and great apps are just the physical components of the environment we need to create.

    Avi Kamman
    CTO, MyOwnCare

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