Harvard Business Review talks about Misys Open Source Solutions

One of my favorite magazines, Harvard Business Review (HBR), in its latest June issue has an article called “The Ambidextrous CEO” that is worth reading because it highlights innovation in healthcare IT (with a good story from Misys), specifically around open source. Here’s a point they made that’s worth repeating:

Our research suggests that firms thrive when senior teams embrace the tension between old and new and foster a state of constant creative conflict at the top. We call this leading ambidextrously. We conducted an in-depth study of 12 top-management teams at major companies and identified three leadership principles that help firms grow their core businesses even as they cultivate new offerings that will reshape their industries: (1) Engage the senior team around a forward-looking strategic aspiration. (2) Explicitly hold the tension between the demands of innovation units and the core business at the top of the organization. (3) Embrace inconsistency by maintaining multiple and often conflicting strategic agendas.

They go on to talk about the value open source brought to Misys and how it goes senior management attention:

At the height of the financial crisis, he gave it an even stronger organizational voice: Open Source was the only Misys health care asset not folded into the core Allscripts unit. This permitted Open Source leaders to sit at the table with Allscripts top executives and compete for resources. Every strategic move involved trade-offs between more-immediate returns from Allscripts and longer-term returns from Open Source. The tensions reflected the power struggle over the firm’s identity and future. For example, the head of Allscripts wanted his proprietary software to dominate, and he saw Open Source as a direct threat. His fears proved well-founded; Open Source soon started to beat out Allscripts for contracts.

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13 thoughts on “Harvard Business Review talks about Misys Open Source Solutions

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  3. Nice article find – holding Open Source as a separate competing entity from Allscripts really paid off for both companies.  It took courage to do that in the midst of a recession! 

    1.  Please stop smearing this PR crap on the web. No educated person will believe this and you are just embarrassing yourself.

      If it’s open source, then show us the code or shut up.

      1. Recommended steps:

        1.) Go to the MOSS Website to read up about the Misys Group and access links to the individual MOSS-led open source projects: http://www.misysoss.com/technical/open-source-solutions

        2.) Go directly to Open Health Tools to access OpenExchange, a compendium of MOSS open source projects: https://projects.openhealthtools.org/sf/projects/openexchange/

        3.) Read about a community who has stood up the code in their community: http://www.misysoss.com/images/stories/PDF/Inside_Healthcare_052311.pdf

        4.) Go to a mirror and see what embarrassment looks like.

      2. Dipika, I just can’t believe you can’t get to the code?? Go to Open healthtools site and download. Have you even tried? It is a https:// so the site is secured. Let me know if you can’t.. 
        What do you want to do with the code anyway?
        Why do you want to disgrace the developers and the effort that went into these projects that were built in open source? Have you ever questioned the NHIN or NHIN Direct projects? BTW, we haven’t received any ‘federal funding’ to build these projects. These projects have been tested and certified in Connectation for the past 4 years. What is your motivation in discrediting MOSS? 
        Send me an email if you still can’t get to the projects.. btw, you need basic understanding of JAVA, JBOSS and MySQL if you want to deploy and run these projects.
        Konda Mullapudi
        Director | MOSS 

  4. Did you guys do any real journalism for this?

    There is no “open source” in Misys Open Source Solutions ( Misys MOSS Solutions ).

    They abused the “open source” tag for marketing and the game was rigged from the start.

    It’s a scam unless you find the code, even for kindergarten applications that were specifically manufactured for exploiting the “open source” tag.

    1. Before you begin to send out disparaging comments, you should do some homework. Links to all our open source projects are clearly identified on our web site: http://www.misysoss.com/technical/open-source-solutions

      However, if you want to go directly to the Open Health Tools forge to download the code, be my guest. No one else seems to be finding any problems finding it as it is one of the top download projects on OHT: https://projects.openhealthtools.org/sf/projects/openexchange/

      Apologies are welcome.

      Tim Elwell, VP, MOSS

    2. What are you talking about Dipika? IHE modules coded in java under an APLv.2.0 license are hardly ‘kindergarten’. And with the number of downloads we are getting on a daily basis, many others would disagree with you as well. In fact, CCHIT has been using our PIXPDQ components for years as part of their Laika Test stack. Do you know anything about health information exchanges? If you do, I encourage you to join the project. If you code as well as you insult, you’ll be a real asset.

      What is your real beef with Misys? We’ve been working on these projects for nearly four years. We have real customers and are doing real work. We’ve presented at SCALE and many other forums. Yes, we have sent out press releases when appropriate as a way to get the word out and if more open source projects did the same, the understanding that open source projects offer real alternatives would be expanded. Nothing in the releases is untrue or misleading; just the facts.

      Again, relative to the code, as indicated previously, you can go to our website….this is a trusted site: http://www.misysoss.com/technical/open-source-solutions. Did you try to download any of it? There are 6 different projects. In the spirit of true open source collaboration, embrace the ideals, review the code, and improve it. Don’t waste your time in sending out uninformed posts. It only confuses and lends credibility to anti-open source groups.

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