Join me in Boston on Sept 8th and 9th to learn about how to build health IT and med device gateways

I’ve been invited back to speak at the Medical Device Connectivity Conference, one of the best practical and “get the job done” kind conferences that I attend all year. This year I am Chairing the “Manufacturers” track, participating in one panel, and giving two talks – my short talk is a presentation entitled “Best Practices for Embedded Medical Device and Gateway Software Applications” and the other is a longer workshop called “How to use Open Source Software and other Low-Cost Design Techniques To Build Safety-Critical Medical Device Platforms and  Meaningful Use EHR Gateways”.

My talks, panels, and workshop will cover in depth technical topics on how to define, design, and build modern safety-critical medical device platforms and Meaningful Use compliant EHR gateways. Specifically, the workshop will start with a quick background on comparative  effectiveness research (CER) and patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) and the kinds of data the government is looking  to leverage in the future to help reduce healthcare costs and improve health outcomes. After defining why data is important, the  workshop will cover the different techniques for collecting medical data – such as directly from a patient, through healthcare  professionals, through labs, and finally through medical devices; the presentation will cover which kinds of data are easy to collect  and what are more difficult and how technical challenges to collection can be overcome.

After covering the data collection area the workshop will dive deep into a modern medical device platform architecture which I call “The Ultimate Medical  Device Connectivity Architecture” – providing an in-depth overview and answering questions around architecture, specifications,  and design of modern (connected) medical devices. Presentations of open source software and other inexpensive design techniques  for implementing connected architectures will be covered as well. Finally, the workshop will cover details about medical device gateways,  what new Meaningful Use rules might require when connecting EHRs to gateways, and how to design and architect gateways that  can stand the test of time and be interoperable over the long haul.

If you have any other topics you’d like to see covered in any of my talks or panels, drop me a note here. See you in Boston!

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6 thoughts on “Join me in Boston on Sept 8th and 9th to learn about how to build health IT and med device gateways

  1. Hi Shahid, I would have loved to attend the conference but it’s a little far to travel from East Europe. Will you make the slides of your talk available after the conference?

      1. And a mp3 with the talk? Thanks!

        Do you plan to touch messaging (how to transport/map/filter/customize HL7 messages so that different HIS talk together)?

        How about automatic collection of data from the sources you mention above (i.e.  patient, labs, medical devices, etc.)? Together with messaging (sending to EMRs), this makes a “end to end” chain for medical data in the hospital.

        Thanks in advance

  2. Posting slides or even better a video of your talk would be greatly appreciated.  

    When you discuss PCOR, is there any connection to Microsoft Health Value as a way of getting additional information about the patient?

    I am looking at implementing something similar on   Currently the site does aggregate patient outcomes, but does not get any additional information from places such as HealthVault.

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