Check out these videos if you’re looking for healthcare IT jobs

The nice folks at recently interviewed me about my thoughts on healthcare IT and how to get jobs in the industry. The following questions came up:

  • How did you get started blogging, and what was the goal behind your blog the Healthcare IT Guy?
  • How can someone get started working in healthcare IT? How important is it to have a medical or healthcare background in addition to an IT background?
  • What would you identify as some of the biggest challenges for students entering healthcare IT today, and how can they prepare for the field?
  • What are some of the misconceptions within healthcare about the use of IT in the field?
  • How are consumer technologies like smart phones affecting healthcare IT?
  • What do you hope to see for the future of healthcare IT?

The short version of the video is available at but the longer versions of the answers are available on my YouTube Playlist.

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6 thoughts on “Check out these videos if you’re looking for healthcare IT jobs

  1. alicia-joy pierre


    Great videos Shahid. Informative advice for people who are interested in health IT professions and/or blogging.

    As a nurse career coach who had a position in Nursing Informatics myself, I do get asked a decent amount of questions about that particular specialty. Great to find another resource for people interested in health IT fields.

    Thanks again


  2. I never thought of the misconception of doctors’ resistance to technology in this way, the pager and the iphone examples are great. We just have to make them useful.

    Also, thank you for the advice on how to enter the field. I have medical background and is in a master of clinical informatics program. However, I still don’t know where to enter the field. You are right. Open source software is a great example. Just start, don’t hesitate and worry too much.

  3. Nice
    and informative. It will be helpful for everyone who is going to make his
    career in the health care IT field. Thanks for sharing. I want to learn more.
    Please keep posting.

  4. First, a little background on myself. I am a 2nd semester RN student who has a background in IT. While I was completing pre-requisites for Nursing, I was working contracts at Intel. My goal is to work in Healthcare IT and/or informatics and I’m questioning whether my RN license will help me break into this field. Any advice will help. Thanks.

    Samuel Alejandre

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