Help us make sure HealthIMPACT events are useful and actionable

This year I’m chairing a healthcare IT event series called HealthIMPACT — it’s what I’m hoping will be some of the best places for healthcare technology enthusiasts and buyers to get actionable advice on what’s real, what’s BS, what to buy, what not to buy, and perhaps most importantly, which guidance is worth following. In order to make sure we cover the right topics, we have created a very short survey so that we have some evidence-driven approaches to proving we’re focusing on the right areas.

The survey should only take a couple of minutes to take and includes the following questions:

  • Your top three IT challenges in 2014
  • The one thing you would want to walk away from the HealthIMPACT Forum with
  • Whether you agree that these are important topics for us to cover:
    • How IT can support the overarching financial, operational, and clinical goals of your organization
    • HIEs in your region and provider participation in them
    • Technologies that support value driven care and population health management
    • Cloud based systems in healthcare
    • Programs that drive patient engagement
    • Leadership strategies that drive innovation
    • Predictive analytics that improve care delivery
    • EHR implementation and meaningful use
    • ICD10 compliance, readiness and physician training
  • Types of technologies and solutions are you most interested in learning more about and hearing other healthcare providers share their experiences with

If you have a few minutes, please take the survey and help us make sure that these events are as filled with actionable advice as possible.


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2 thoughts on “Help us make sure HealthIMPACT events are useful and actionable

  1. Shahid – Looking forward to meeting you in Houston on April 3 at the HealthIMPACT conference. The agenda is exciting.


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