Health-focused wearables have a chance of improving patient care if innovators craft solutions plus providers and insurers work together to incentivize and pay for them

I’ve been interested in the new “wearables” segment for a while. I reached out to Cameron Graham, the managing editor at TechnologyAdvice where he oversees market research for emerging technology, to give us some evidence-driven advice about wearables that entrepreneurs, innovators, healthcare providers, and payers… Read More

Writing safety critical software using an agile, risk-based, approach should be the norm in modern medical device development

I first started using and mentoring developers on agile software development techniques like eXtreme Programming (XP) and Scrum over a decade ago. Often called “lightweight” methodologies, agile software development lifecycles have been generally misunderstood as lacking enough rigor and sophistication to be used in safety-critical… Read More