Help us make sure HealthIMPACT events are useful and actionable

This year I’m chairing a healthcare IT event series called HealthIMPACT — it’s what I’m hoping will be some of the best places for healthcare technology enthusiasts and buyers to get actionable advice on what’s real, what’s BS, what to buy, what not to buy, and perhaps most importantly, which guidance is worth following. In […]

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Learn how to cut through the noise at the first ever Health IT Marketing Conference

John Lynn, prolific blogger and health IT media magnate, and I are teaming up to produce and deliver the world’s first marketing conference focused on helping innovators cut through the noise when trying to market their healthcare and medical tech products to physicians, hospitals, and similar customers. Called The Healthcare IT Marketing Conference, it will cover very […]

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Meet up with me at my HIMSS’14 sessions and events

I’ll be leaving for HIMSS’14 on Saturday and plan to be around for meetings and sessions from Sunday through Wednesday. Here are some of the places I plan to be, catch me if you’re around: Sunday — covering the Venture Forum, CHIME, and special sessions. Heading to Susquehana Equity Capital cocktail party in the evening. […]

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Join Stericyle Communication, John Lynn, and Shahid at the HIMSS’14 New Media Meetup

John Lynn and I are hosting the 5th Annual New Media Meetup next week at the HIMSS Conference. This year’s HIMSS tradition is sponsored by Stericycle Communication Solutions. Thanks to Stericycle’s generous participation, John and I can host, quench the thirst of, and feed our New Media friends at Tommy Bahama Pointe, just a short […]

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Keeping medical device designs relevant in a big data world migrating to outcomes-driven payment models

Last week I presented the closing keynote at the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West Conference & Exhibition in Los Angeles. MD&M has always been about what’s next in medical device design and this year’s event didn’t disappoint. While still being primarily focused on hardware, many smart device manufacturers came out to MD&M looking for […]

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Why do Avon sales reps selling makeup deserve better usability than hospital physicians saving lives?

I was watching the Super Bowl tonight and lost interest after Bruno Mars’ very nice halftime concert so I started picking up some “Read it Later” articles I saved late last year; one specifically caught my eye. In December the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that Avon is pulling the plug on a $125 million software […]

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Moving from paper-native to digital-native requires disciplined Healthcare Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

We’re all familiar with the idea that medicine is, slowly but surely, going from a paper-native to a digital-native industry. Most of our processes and procedures were designed in an environment where information started on paper and then was either scanned as a PDF document or entered into a structured electronic record in some software. […]

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Join me and other cheerleaders at the “Driving demand for Healthcare Interoperability” Pep Rally this Thursday in DC

When I was growing up in Texas I remember that we used to have Pep Rallies before our major sporting events. The idea behind a pep rally is to get the juices flowing and get fans engaged and cheering for the home team. On Thursday this week the West Health Institute and the ONC are […]

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If Meaningful Use disappeared, how would EHR vendors change their products?

I’ve often said that Meaningful Use and the HITECH Act created false demand for EHRs and has (perhaps irrevocably) harmed innovation in the EHR space by standardizing features and function rather than outcomes and expectations. It’s a false demand because it concentrated too much on prescriptive, sometimes useless, and in many cases productivity-killing, functionality instead […]

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The causes of digital patient privacy loss in EHRs and other health IT systems

This past Friday I was invited by the Patient Privacy Rights (PPR) Foundation to lead a discussion about privacy and EHRs. The discussion, entitled “Fact vs. Fiction: Best Privacy Practices for EHRs in the Cloud,” addressed patient privacy concerns and potential solutions for doctors working with EHRs. While we are all somewhat disturbed by the […]

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