Join me and other cheerleaders at the “Driving demand for Healthcare Interoperability” Pep Rally this Thursday in DC

When I was growing up in Texas I remember that we used to have Pep Rallies before our major sporting events. The idea behind a pep rally is to get the juices flowing and get fans engaged and cheering for the home team. On Thursday this week the West Health Institute and the ONC are […]

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If Meaningful Use disappeared, how would EHR vendors change their products?

I’ve often said that Meaningful Use and the HITECH Act created false demand for EHRs and has (perhaps irrevocably) harmed innovation in the EHR space by standardizing features and function rather than outcomes and expectations. It’s a false demand because it concentrated too much on prescriptive, sometimes useless, and in many cases productivity-killing, functionality instead […]

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The causes of digital patient privacy loss in EHRs and other health IT systems

This past Friday I was invited by the Patient Privacy Rights (PPR) Foundation to lead a discussion about privacy and EHRs. The discussion, entitled “Fact vs. Fiction: Best Privacy Practices for EHRs in the Cloud,” addressed patient privacy concerns and potential solutions for doctors working with EHRs. While we are all somewhat disturbed by the […]

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HIMSS ’14 YourTurn is a conference customization option for unconference lovers

Events such as the annual HIMSS Conference take months to plan and properly execute which means that some topics and subject areas that are being covered at the conference might not be as timely as they could be. Also, event planners and selection committees choosing topics for keynotes and presentations do a pretty good job […]

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Guest Article: Digital health doesn’t stop with Meaningful Use, claims and payment technologies still matter

“Digital Health” is often centered on EHRs and Meaningful Use to the detriment of many other technologies that can help improve patient satisfaction. To help make sure that we don’t forget how useful modern technologies are to actually getting paid for medical services, I invited Jay Fulkerson, president and CEO of Health Payment Systems (HPS), […]

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No, installing an MU certified EHR does not mean you’ll be document-free or paperless

As I travel and speak with physician practices and hospital execs about health IT, I often hear questions about how practices can become paperless as they transition from manual to electronic processes. For those of you that have installed EHRs, you know that going digital does not mean that you’ll be paperless and you’ve probably had […]

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The connected EHR, cooperative med devices, and accountable tech are the future of health IT

Earlier this week I spoke at Atlanta Healthcare IT Leadership Summit on Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and what I call “accountable tech“. I was pleasantly surprised to learn most of the audience agreed that ACOs can’t succeed without the right technology but am continuously disappointed as to how little we as an industry are doing […]

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Guest Article: When Things Go Wrong, The Caterer Gets The Blame

Carl Bergman, a seasoned systems analyst and project manager, is Managing Partner of and has been sharing a number of ideas for improving EHR usability with me via email. Since I loved his enthusiasm and agreed with his ideas, I invited Carl to share with us some more detail around how to improve the […]

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Why is there a lack of sophisticated UX, usability, and UI discipline in the current design of safety-critical apps and devices?

A friend of mine, a User Interaction (UI)/User Experience (UX) designer and a usability expert that is doing some work at a technology-based medical device client, wrote to me wondering why many medical device companies don’t have much of a UX/UI and usability focused discipline in their marketing and product design teams. The simple reason […]

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Join me next week for a free webinar where I answer “How do we get beyond Meaningful Use rhetoric and ‘disruption in healthcare’ bloviation and into actionable innovation?”

I speak at many of conferences and webinars each year and I have been hearing that attendees and audiences are starting to get tired of hearing about big data, Meaningful Use, and ‘disruption in healthcare’ topics without more actionable advice. Many entrepreneurs and speakers at the events are still focusing on why technology and IT […]

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