Great use of health IT: inmates to visit doctors electronically

AP is reporting about how prison inmates will be visiting doctors electronically in Kentucky. More specifically:

Inmates in Kentucky’s jails and prisons will receive most non-routine medical visits electronically under a new program designed to save time and money, Lt. Gov. Steve Pence said yesterday.

The program, already in limited use, is expected to expand to all 13 prisons and 75 jails in the state by spring.

What’s great here is that service will improve but costs may decrease by up to 40%. They have done the studies that show that they may save up to $9 million this year alone. Pretty good way to use health IT, I’d say.

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3 thoughts on “Great use of health IT: inmates to visit doctors electronically

  1. One of my previous clients was the California Department of Corrections and California Medical Facility. CMF is a hospital within a men’s prison and in a general sense similiar to any other community of people. The big difference is the difficulty and cost associated with transfering prisioners to appointments with specialists in the community for care and treatment. This is a wonderful use of HIT and will help improve access, increase efficiency, and minimize costs and risks. (Transferring prisioners is one of the most dangerous tasks for guards!)

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