HIMSS’06 Blogger and Reader Meetup Registration

After a couple of weeks of voting, the bloggers and readers have come up with a day, time, and location for the HIMSS’06 Blogger and Reader Meetup. By popular request the meetup will be on Sunday evening after the HIMSS reception at 8:30pm at Hennessey’s Gaslamp (map).

If you think you’ll be attending, please be sure to register so we can plan accordingly. If you’d like to see who’s attending, take a look at those who have already registered.

Tim Gee, Mr. Connectologist, has put together a few nice logos to use for the event. If you’re planning to announce the event on your own blog please use one of the graphics:

Meetup Meetup

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One thought on “HIMSS’06 Blogger and Reader Meetup Registration

  1. Shahid:

    I’ll be there, and thanks to Tim for the graphics work. In the meantime, I’ve posted a possible workstream for the Blogposium idea, and would love your feedback. Jack Mason

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