Center for American Progress’ Health IT Report

The Center for American Progress released a new report about how to improve the American health care system through the use of health IT. Nothing ground-breaking but there are some good ideas expressed in a way that’s easy for policy officials to understand the importance of IT in healthcare. Of course, there’s little mention of the real barriers to use of IT in the healthcare industry, which is poor or non-existent incentives for practitioners.

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One thought on “Center for American Progress’ Health IT Report

  1. Training is another issue causing slow HIT adoption. Docs are busy enough trying to keep their practices running smoothly without the interuption of 6 months or more of training for a new EMR system. Check out the blog at to read about a new bill that’s passed in the House and is with the Senate, which would offer $100 million to fund HIT training during med school, making the adoption of new technologies once med school students become praticing physicians, much easier.

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