Insurer finds EMRs won’t pay off for its doctors

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AMNews reports:

The Massachusetts Blues believes that the return on physicians’ investment doesn’t warrant buying the technology as part of its bonus programs.

One health plan has come to a conclusion that many physicians already have reached: The financial benefits of office-based electronic medical records systems are not worth the cost to doctors.

Relying on information from past studies, including an American Medical Association estimate that doctors see only 11 cents of every dollar saved through the use of information technology, BlueCross BlueShield of Massachusetts recently announced that it has decided not to require physicians to install an EMR to participate in its bonus program.

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Yikes. More bad news for EMRs. As I speak to physicians, especially ambulatory care and small office ones, EMRs more and more have a reputation for harming, rather than helping, practices. EMRs remain quite useful in acute care settings but reports like the above seem keep hammering the lack of value of large EMRs in small practices. I wonder what is going to turn around this bad news.


Shahid N. Shah

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