Dr. Ankush’s Essential knowledge for entering the healthcare field

Many of my friends and readers of my other blogs (like my Architecture one) often ask me where they can get information about “how to get into healthcare.” As the IT field has grown in many verticals, healthcare among them, specialization provides more job security and better opportunities.

Dr. Ankush Shinde sent me this note a little while ago:

I am regular reader of your blog. Please find attached document it contains essential comprehensive references for healthcare information technology professionals.

As there is sea of information available, these references are collected by me during searching relevant information on net.

These references are useful to software professional to obtain right information regarding healthcare IT.

I love it when readers write to me and even more so when they provide extremely helpful tips or resources. The Healthcare Domain.pdf file Dr. Ankush sent should get almost any IT person who wants to get started in healthcare enough to get going.

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Ankush’s Essential knowledge for entering the healthcare field

  1. It’s more like just a portal advert’ then a true list of links to resources. Great list of resources, but too bad every link within the list goes to pohly.com. Many people in healthcare and especially students (who should really think about “getting into” healthcare), have access to most of the journals listed here, but, again, the list is ENTIRELY links to pohly.com. Without the hyperlinks, the list is truly comprehensive, but with the links it earns about a one-quarter star rating.

  2. Nursing is a wonderful career! Never will you have to worry about the shortage of income or jobs for nursing placement. I think that what your aunt is doing is a wonderful idea. I have found a company called ResponseLINK that would help many other people start their own care sitting business. ResponseLINK is a personal emergency alert device with a pendant and a monitoring panel, that alerts help when the button is activated. Not only does it have voice to voice audio, ResponseLINK has many add on features to choose from; meal and medication reminders, wellness and health checks just to name a few. If you would like to pass on this information to your aunt, here is the link http://www.ResponseLINK.com,

  3. Thanks, Simply Awesome !! Good set of resources all clubbed in one document. First reaction as a entrant when you see the links you say “WOW”, but the excitement is reduced when all most all the links move to pohly.com

    Anyways thanks for the resources.

  4. Thanks Shahid!

    Actually, this list I made it for myself for references during work.

    I accept all journals and CDS links are directed towards pohly.com as this site gave me comprehensive list at one place.

    I have not worked on this list for last 3 years, but now its time to upgrade it.

    I will try to cover more useful list with varied links(not only pohly)

    But I would like to thanks to you guys who brought out useful element of list.

    I will be back with updated list!

    Dr. Ankush

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