The state of healthcare IT in the Middle East

A reader, Rami Yousef, wrote me yesterday asking the following:

What are your views on the healthcare industry in the Middle East, are they moving in the right direction in converting their clinics to e-clinics?

Since I live and work in the USA I know this market well but don’t really have much of an idea about how the Middle East healthcare IT industry is faring. I know I have many readers around the world, and based on Google Analytics, some of you are in the Middle East. Could anyone else answer Rami’s question here? I, too, am very much interested in how healthcare IT is being used outside the USA.

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6 thoughts on “The state of healthcare IT in the Middle East

  1. Even though I’ve been involved in a few projects in the middle east I don’t feel qualified to respond ro Rami’s question. It’s hard enough to keep up to date with trends in the various European countries..

    In general I’d encourage your readers to look at – the all encompassing healthcare related trade show in the middle east, with significant representation from IT vendors. This is also a good starting point for links to related sites and companies…

  2. The healthcare market in the Middle East is poised for growth and expansion. Certain reserach reports put the market at about US$50 billion by 2025. This expansion is being powered by the concept of Health Cities and E-health initiatives by Governements. The emphasis is thus far on state-of-the art equipments and devices, and it is perhaps the right time, as these project are considering business processes, patient information, and a need for automation wherien specific healthcare IT products – viz HMS, Lab Info Systems, Pharmacy mangement systems, will be rapidly deployed. it is interesting market

  3. I agree, but one thing i dont understand is that isint the US market onto of this healthcare IT bubble ?

    I can only see Cerner, meditech and eclipsys….what ever happened to the rest ?

    can they not operate in the middle east ?


    joe stone

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