The Top 100 Open Source Software Tools for Medical Professionals

The folks at LiveSmarter have put together their list of the Top 100 Open Source Software Tools for Medical Professionals. It includes the following subject areas:

  • Medical Billing and Electronic Medical Records
  • Antivirus, Security and Privacy
  • Communications
  • Graphics and Imaging
  • Content Management Tools
  • Research and Reference
  • Multimedia
  • Storing Patient Information
  • General Tools that Work for Everyone
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Storing, Sharing and Managing Files
  • and For Patients

It’s a nice list, worth checking out.

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3 thoughts on “The Top 100 Open Source Software Tools for Medical Professionals

  1. The link to the article seems to be having problems today. Perhaps their server is being overloaded. Will try again later. Thanks for the link though!

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