High-impact and High-value Medical Innovation

I love it when my readers send me links and tips and I got a great one from Bioxpert (name withheld per request):


Longtime reader, first time tipper. Love your blog!

I went to a fantastic presentation at Harvard Med School on High Impact Clinical Innovation -techniques for physicians to innovate within their specialties.  It was sponsored by CIMIT and features a presentation by Zen Chu, a local venture capitalist and medical device entrepreneur.

The slide presentation was really useful and would be to your audience. CIMIT serves MIT, Harvard Med, BU Med, MGH, Brigham and other institutions in the Boston medical community. They are now posting their videos of forums in blog form, too.

I thought of your blog as he concluded with the need for training MD/VCs and "commercialization grand rounds."

The presentation she’s referring to can be found here. I read through it and liked it a lot — it has some great ideas and it’s worth reading.

Thanks, Bioexpert.

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One thought on “High-impact and High-value Medical Innovation

  1. It’s an interesting read, I’d have loved to hear the audio.

    One thing that I don’t see mentioned is the importance of design. The FDA doesn’t demand it. If you’re building a product for a new market, market forces won’t require it. But we’re humans first and patients second. So don’t forget to make these things easy and fun to use. Think about ensuring that a designer is an important part of the team.

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